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06 September 2009 @ 04:17 pm
Download a pixel: Fai, Wing, Mahal  

Whoa, long time no post!
I've been busy... with graduation, MMORPGs (namely, Granado Espada and Silkroad Online), and toys. Yum. So here I am, presenting you three delicious sims for you to download :3
Click on a picture to go to the flickr page.

Fai (by ✿Ʀųı̽)

Meet Fai. Your average male Asian type with flashy blue hair and a love for Japanese street fashion. He enjoys cooking and playing video games (like me, hehe). He possesses the Popularity aspiration, but would also like to start his own family one day.

Download: Fai-by-Rui.zip

Wing (by ✿Ʀųı̽)

This is Wing. She is Fai's cousin. Their fathers are twins, which explains why both of them look so much alike. She aspires to become a world famous musician, and spends most of her time playing her guitar and singing her own compositions. She has a terrible soft spot for Fai, and oftens forgives him whenever he's done something wrong.

Download: Wing-by-Rui.zip
Yes, you get Wing in a Rose hair because I decided to change it to another hair in-game, and am just lazy to repackage her xP

Mahal (by ✿Ʀųı̽)

Mahal, just as his name suggests, is a lady's man. A Casanova. He loves women more than himself. He is a good friend of Fai. He wants to earn his first million by the age of 35, but he's too lazy and spend most of his time on his couch.

Download: Mahal-by-Rui.zip

Have fun with them! I don't recommend breeding them, but you can try!

Current Mood: accomplished