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02 May 2009 @ 01:51 am
Download a pixel: Fion Lacroix  

Finally, an update!

...well, not so much of an update, since I've not played a legacy for some time (I need to get my founder's update done first 8D) but here's a nice sim for you to download!

Reading (by ♠ R u i ♠)
Fion Lacroix (by ♠ R u i ♠)
Fion Lacroix (by ♠ R u i ♠)

Fion Lacroix. Something that was spawned out of boredom ;) But she's cute and we shall overlook the circumstance that gave birth to her X3

Here's a list of things she come with (because I'm just really lazy trying to pack her with EAxis thingies):

Download her here.

She produces awesome offsprings :D Put her through a Breeder challenge and you'll see.
Use the awesome Clean Installer if you'd rather not want her with all the things she comes with. <3

...now I shall go back to studying.

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