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12 July 2011 @ 08:04 pm
This user has quit Livejournal.  
Hi guys. Don't remember me, I'm not back for good.
Just a heads up to anyone who is looking for me and my stuffs, I've got some links to pass to you.


This is my personal blog. Expect to see updates on my life, posts about food mostly. Everything my Livejournal served as an outlet for, will be going on there.

Atelier Dolle
My big project blog documenting my clay crafting or anything that is made by hands. Or feet.

dottle @ Dreamwidth
Dedicated to game screenshots, mostly from The Sims games, but not pertaining to. If I play some games and take some screenshots, everything is going on there. Oh yes, I also have legacies going on there.

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Nothing will be deleted from this community.
Goodbye, Livejournal. It has been great fun.